In and Around Boston

I didn’t expect to have so much to share about Boston. Even with being the largest city in New England, 23rd largest city in the United States, and its prominent place as one of the oldest cities in our country, Boston was only our second stop in a jam packed road trip.

It turns out I took so many pictures, so many pictures that I love, that it has become far too difficult to cram them together.


This post is a compilation of impressive architecture, slices of history, bright colors, unique street performers, and things that make you think…all seen during our time in Boston.



SAM_5737 SAM_5602

Shouldn’t all chemical companies present themselves this way?


This building reminds me of the municipal building steps Batman would run up in the Batman TV series.


SAM_5620 SAM_5623

SAM_5628 SAM_5716 SAM_5757

This street performer got a little girl involved in her act…I’d say it was a smart move, but she spent more time directing the girl than actually juggling.


But balancing on that contraption did score her some bonus points, keeping most of the crowd intrigued through her entire act.


Juggling must be the way to entertain New Englanders, because only a few feet away we passed another one.


Though he wasn’t balancing on anything, Kilted Colin had me with his unique and well coordinated get up.


“nothing’s for keeps. except that we must keep going. you’ll spend your entire life searching, ok? we all want to belong. so let’s all get along. make the most, and hope may this never end.”

I understand the sentiment behind it (but not the refusal to capitalize letters)…but I think I like this one better: 



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