I love unique dining atmospheres almost as much as I love the food served.

The possibility exists that had the reviews of this restaurant been negative, I still would have wanted to go based on the soul fact that Clink. is located in what once, as recent as 1990, was a jail.

Fortunately, the decor and food were of the same luxurious, refined quality.


The Liberty Hotel, in which Clink. is located, was built in 1851 and, per their website, housed some of Boston’s most notorious criminals for 120 years.


While what may have taken place within those walls during this building’s past life couldn’t have been too pleasant, I find the history and renovation of such a place widely intriguing and the perfect setting for a vacation brunch.


Clink. is Liberty’s signature restaurant, therefore they have menus for all times of day. I find brunch to be the most special menu of all. Breakfast is my absolute favorite, though admittedly in my normal life I don’t enjoy it as often as in my vacation one. But brunch? Brunch is a menu created specifically for one day of the week.

I love it so.



Outside the restaurant entrance was their Bloody Mary Bar, a two-tiered table set with over 20 ingredients to customize your cocktail to your liking.

And in this moment, I wished that a Bloody Mary was my brunch drink of choice.


I’m a sucker for brick. And that cute face.

Despite knowing that these walls once housed dangerous criminals, as we sat surrounded by the handiwork of the 1800’s, I couldn’t help but secretly wish my next home could be built in such a place.


What I love best about brunch is that there are always options for the person who isn’t a breakfast fanatic. While I will load up on carbs and crabs alone at breakfast, Hubby is often looking for something with more protein. He ordered their pork sandwich and–wow! My fear with pork is that it will be overcooked. This pork was beautifully cooked and sandwiched between an incredibly soft, steamed bun.


Upon first glance of ‘Waffle Sundae’ on the menu, I knew I needed to have it. I’m not sure what was better: the pomegranate syrup (ummm….love!) or the whipped mascarpone mixture that topped it all off.

And yes, that is a side of Vermont maple sausage. Our trip would end in Vermont, so we were giving ourselves something to look forward to.


The historic atmosphere and superb cuisine make The Liberty Hotel and Clink. a place that, should I ever find myself in Boston again, I will without hesitation return to.

Located in The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114


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