Downtown Providence

We planned to stay in Rhode Island for only one night in order to have time to incorporate a kind of, sort of, last minute addition to our trip*.

*More on that later.

Even without this, Hubby would have scheduled us for one night in the smallest state of all under the premise that a state of this size could ‘be done in one day’.

I feel for Rhode Island.

New Jersey is the fourth smallest state.

I would hope we offer more than one day’s worth of entertainment.



We started the day at a bakery, so naturally things were already looking up for Providence and me.


Even though we were visiting on a Saturday, the city was fairly quiet.*

*I say fairly, because Lance did witness one couple having a rather intense argument which he felt the need to post to his Snapchat story**.

**It’s things like this that make me think I’m married to a teenager.


The well-kept streets and greenery every which way made Providence feel less like a city and more like a rather large town.


We stumbled upon the Alex and Ani Institute, and naturally I had to be a little bit of a stalker and take a picture.*

*Explain this one. Though their training headquarters are in downtown Providence, they don’t actually have a standalone location there.**

**Don’t worry, we went to the one in Newport, RI.


This sign amused me for some reason.

Every which way we turned, different mediums of art could be found which made our wandering of the streets rather fascinating.





Text based mural of Guillermo Gómez Peña 




Perhaps the most intriguing sight downtown was a glimpse through the windows of Nazo Lab’s headquarters:


We quickly Googled them, because something of this nature needs an explanation, and learned that they are an international performance group of artists.


I don’t know how anyone could walk past such window sights and not be intrigued.


The little taste I got of Rhode Island gives me the want to spend even more time in this cute as a button state*.

*I wonder if Rhode Island feels self-conscious about its size. If so, such comments probably don’t help. In which case, I will strike that previous comment and change it to this:

We enjoyed downtown Providence so much, I left wishing I had an entire week to spend in a state brimming with multiple opportunities for enjoyment.



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