Seven Stars Bakery, Providence, RI


I love bakeries. Perhaps even more than I love coffee.
I know. I said it. And I regretted it the second I did.
The truth is, I love them equally and find it extremely important that all bakeries serve exquisite coffee and all coffeehouses serve delectable pastries.
Is that so hard?
Seven Star Bakery did not disappoint in either the pastry or the coffee department.
It was my birthday, so naturally we had to live it up:


Alright, we all know it being my birthday had nothing to do with the number of pastries I ordered. But I simply could not choose and wanted everything.

Hubby ordered the ham and cheese croissant right away. Having been experimenting at home with my own ham and cheese croissant, I DID want to try theirs….but I also wanted some of the good stuff.*

*And by good stuff, I mean pastries loaded with sugary goodness.

The croissant was fantastic and gave me some thoughts about changes I can make to mine.
Cheese danishes are my favorite when it comes to puff pastry products. It’s always disappointing to meet one that has too little cheese or too dry puff, but this one was absolutely perfect. The sweet drizzle only added to the perfect spread of cheese and buttery layers of pastry.
I ordered the lemon cake as my wild card. I often like to try something I wouldn’t normally order (you know, if I was ordering just one item like a normal person). The lemon flavor weaved through the cake with a subtle goodness that let you know lemon was the star, but the moist cake was helping it to shine. I could certainly have ordered it alone and come out 100 percent satisfied.
I find sticky buns hard to resist because when they’re good, they’re shout it on the mountain tops good. Though this one was presented beautifully, something about it made me think it might be dry.
No friends, it was not. It was, in fact, the best sticky bun of my life. Though the outside was sticky and presented the look of a stiff exterior, the inside was filled with flavor and unexpected moisture which made it so incredible, I ate my entire half and was plotting how to take Hubby’s without him noticing.


As we placed our order, their coffee display made it obvious that their coffee is just as important as their baked goods. Hubby ordered an iced vanilla latte and as we sat to eat our treats outside* I thought perhaps I should have gone with an iced beverage as well. One sip of my latte and I was glad I went traditional. We had some shade covering us, so it kept me from totally overheating as I sipped on my handcrafted cup of excellence.

*It was oddly warm for an early September morning.

In addition to the high quality pastries and coffee, Seven Stars Bakery offers ample seating for its guests. This is one of the problems with most bakeries and coffeehouses I visit. The more popular they are, the less likely you will get to enjoy your treats comfortably within their walls. At Seven Stars, they not only had a wide selection of indoor seating, but every inch along the outside of the building was set with tables and chairs. We snagged the last open table outside, but could have easily found a spot to enjoy our breakfast indoors.

Seven Stars Bakery
820 Hope Street, Providence
342 Broadway, Providence
Rumford Center, 20 Newman Avenue, East Providence



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