Remembering 25 at 9 Years Strong

I have finally decided it is time to share this photo from my fifth celebration of my twenty-fifth birthday trip.

It isn’t pretty.


This is what it looks like to have to try and dry out peach cider soaked cookbooks* by laying them out in the back window of your car rental as you try to go about the rest of your trip with a stiff upper lip.

* I wish we had smell-o-vision here. Then you would understand the true nature of the beast that appears before you.

In case you need a reminder on what caused these beautiful books to be ruined*, here’s the quick read version:

*Plus one more that was so battered it was too graphic to show.


Hubby planned an amazing fifth-celebration-of-my-twenty-fifth-birthday trip last year to Georgia, Florida, and Sint Maarten.

While in Georgia, we stopped at Peach World*.


*Because how can you drive through Georgia and not try a peach?


We were giddy over their juicy peaches and the sweet nectar of their peach cider.

Despite having several more plane rides before us, we bought a huge jug of cider.


We stopped in on Paula Deen while in Savannah, and bought three of her cookbooks.

Our cider managed to stay unbroken through two plane rides to Sint Maarten and one plane ride back. But upon delivery at the Fort Lauderdale airport….well, you can read more about that here.

We spent most of our night at our hotel* cleaning the entire contents of our peach stained suitcase.

*Victoria Park Hotel: an adorable retro boutique hotel that once was home to the circus during their off season.


After this incident, we swore we would never, ever fly into Fort Lauderdale International Airport again.

But, as fate would have it, we found the cheapest flight down to Florida for our 9th anniversary celebration* via Jet Blue arriving, you guessed it, in Fort Lauderdale. Though we had no issues, especial none anywhere near our peach scented one, we couldn’t help but relive each and every horrible moment as we landed at the airport, walked down to baggage claim, and sat waiting in the same area we dragged a leaking suitcase out of only a year prior.

*More on that later.

And the moral of the story is….never say never*.

*But, I’m sure you knew that already!


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