28 days

Two days shy of a month, Hubby and I didn’t see each other but with one brief 24-hour period shoved at the center. For the last two and a half weeks, I have been visiting my brother, Joel, and his wife, Mallory, in Italy. I brought Jon. Yes. I’m sure I have dozens upon dozens … More 28 days

Our Family Cruise

On Christmas Eve Eve, my family and I docked in NYC from an 11-day cruise. We haven’t taken a family trip like this in…ever.* I blame Gram for the entire thing. A few years ago, while reminiscing about cruises she had taken long ago, one thing led to another and the planning began. *No, seriously, … More Our Family Cruise

Celebrating Warmth

In the spirit of warmer weather, and the hope that it will stay… Here is what I have been dreaming about all day* *I didn’t mean to rhyme there, but it did, so I went with it. Crystal clear shorelines of Anguilla Plane watching in Sint Maarten Warm summer nights   Can summer weather please … More Celebrating Warmth

In-N-Out Burger, LA

Do you know what I am sick and tired of? Airplanes no longer providing complimentary meals and the gamble of airport food. This recent trip to LA opened my eyes to the lunacy of the entire situation. While traveling to LA, we arrived in Philadelphia for our 6 pm flight around 3:15 pm. Though I … More In-N-Out Burger, LA