Thirty-Two Looks Good on You

Today is this stud’s birthday…


And although in recent years I haven’t been such a fan of my own birthday…I love his. Not only does it remind me that he will always be a year older than me, but without this day I may never have found my perfect counterpart, the one who absolutely, positively completes me.*

*Bleh, gag me with a spoon already with these sappy cliches!


From the start, he’s loved me wholeheartedly.*

*Wow, who are those babies in that room?**

**And speaking of that room, what on earth was my teenage self thinking? There isn’t an inch of wall to spare.

first home

And whether we’re home…

me and honey

Or dressing up…

Phone Pictures 660

He’s the one I want to be with every single day.


Today we’re celebrating in our favorite place…NYC…


Although Miami would have been a nice place to celebrate, too.


Happy Birthday, Lance!



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