SONJ, 2017

In case you are an occasional reader of my blog, here’s the background you need in order to understand this post: My youngest brother, Jonathan, has Down syndrome. He is one of my favorite people on earth. Jonathan, also known as Jon, Jonny, J-Bear, Jonny bo Bonny, Jonny Joo Joo, and more, is one of … More SONJ, 2017

Ten Years of True

While I don’t believe in love at first sight, nor do I bother myself with contemplating whether or not soul mates truly exist, I do believe in true love. And for ten years now, I’ve had the truest of true loves. I don’t think there is a formula or a tried and true method for … More Ten Years of True

Wonder Wanted

For the past three weeks, I have been working as the teacher of a three-year old preschool classroom that is near and dear to my heart. In my short* career as a teacher, I have had the opportunity to observe an assortment of age levels in a variety of instruction types; small group, one on … More Wonder Wanted

How to Love

In New Jersey, we aren’t the kindest, gentlest, or sweetest people you will ever meet. In fact, we are known for our short tempered behavior, our rudeness, and our speedy rush to say things and get places. In fact, if you are from New Jersey, you are probably reading this thinking, “Okay, get to the … More How to Love