Cool Globes in NYC

While gazing upon Lady Liberty and the other views Battery Park had to offer, Lance and I stumbled upon Cool Globes. A public art exhibition literally named, Cool Globes, meant to raise awareness about climate change.


While I certainly will never become an activist for fighting global warming, I am an art lover and became immediately mesmerized by the individuality each globe possessed. Even with my lack of an environmentalist’s heart, I think the idea of “public art with purpose” is a notable act, all things in the world of art considered.

Each globe told its own story and had me wondering of the measures that must have been taken to make these into weather durable pieces of art.


“Green Your Laundry”



I’m a sucker for anything mosaic. This is mostly because of a high school art class I took where we shattered tiles in order to make our own mosaic works of art. I made a fairy and a rose.*

*You’re impressed, I can tell.


This one was titled “Unplugged Fun”, a movement I could definitely get behind. If you read about my love/hate relationship with technology, I’m sure you understand.


Are there any kids out there who still play cards?

Please tell me all hope is not lost!






Pointing to my roots: Sicily and…


Hungary! (Even though it looks more orange than the red that it should be…)



Though the message of the globes was clear, it was the talents represented that walked away with me.



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