The Gingered Peach, Lawrenceville, NJ


Believe it or not, far stronger than my coffee obsession is my unshakable fascination with bakeries. It started somewhere around five years ago when we were vacationing in North Carolina and discovered the most adorable little bakery amidst all the typical beach town stops.

We went there every day once it was discovered.

I stumbled upon The Gingered Peach while at the Italian American Festival this past summer. Their unique name, classy marketing, and, in complete and honest truthfulness, their humongous cookies pulled me over to their booth.


The worst part? I bought a cookie and gave the entire thing to Jonathan!

Knowing they were only a short drive from home, I planned to return as soon as I could remember to.

It has taken me a few months, but I managed to schedule two different trips to The Gingered Peach in the past month. After said visits, I am wishing they were a little closer than a short drive so I could frequent them once, or even twice, a week.


I am certain I receive several double takes when I order at a bakery. While most people order that one item that is calling their name, I order four…or five.

After all, it wouldn’t be fair to ignore the other three…or four…goodies calling for me, now would it?


Their prices are fair, a good thing considering that on both trips I walked out with a box loaded with baked treasures. Both times I found myself shocked with my total, expecting it to be at least double the price.

Here’s what our most ¬†recent trip included:


I may have gotten a little carried away when ordering.


We’ll get back to the above pictured temptress in a moment.

The cookies and scones are sheer perfection.
Who can resist a perfectly baked cinnamon roll?


I ordered the Sticky Piggy out of sheer curiosity as to what a sticky bun might taste like when bacon is laced throughout and sprinkled on top.

The answer? Divine.

It is like having the best parts of breakfast in one bite.

The best parts being bacon and dough baked with caramel goodness.


Speaking of caramel goodness, it is time we returned to these little guys:


The Gingered Peach’s Caramel Crack!, or Crack Balls as I call them, are definitely one of their best sellers. On our first visit, the employee helping us told me I should get two, but I had so many other items I wanted that I only bought one.

As you can see, on our return visit we bought two.

We should have bought a dozen.

The Crack Balls are rolled brioche baked in the Peach’s signature toffee sauce. A quick nuke in the microwave makes them irresistible, and in case you’re wondering, they’ll keep until the next morning. It was just a little difficult sharing that second one with Lance.


In addition to the above delights, The Gingered Peach also has an entire display of tasty cupcakes. On last visit, we enjoyed the Black Bottom cupcake. I am already planning a return visit where cupcakes are the center of attention.

Alright, and the Caramel Crack!, too.


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