Happy New Year!

I’m a planner by nature. In January 2017, I knew the year held our anniversary trip to Hawaii, a family cruise to the Caribbean*, lots of writing and even more croissant making. And all those plans suited me just fine.

*More on that later.

I didn’t know the year would hold my first drive into NYC, new kitchen appliances, a 3-day baking class, a new exercise routine, and a new addition to our family.

If given the chance, it would be awful tempting to accept a sneak peek into what 2018 will hold. Had such an opportunity been granted me this year I know I would have over thought and over analyzed each and every one of the spontaneous and wonderful things of 2017.

So this year, my resolution is to let go* and take in the goodness and wonder each day brings, allow for unplanned thrills, and embrace moments which all too quickly transform into memories.

*Cue Frozen soundtrack.


Saint Kitts, photo taken by my lovely SIL: Mallory Lunetta


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