What’s Happening Wednesday

I got my new mixer.

And yes, that is pretty much the biggest news in my life right now and I love it. Fortunately, my mom never uses hers, so I borrowed hers for a few weeks. After a busy day of baking, I started to get concerned of wearing out her 275 watt machine, having just blown my 325 watt one.


I know it isn’t exactly the color we talked about previously, but I decided to walk on the wild side. In the picture, it comes out more like the yellow of my last mixer, but is really a bright tangerine, my favorite color since high school. I was leaning towards aqua or silver because they fit the color vision I have for the kitchen in our next house. But, the orange was cheaper and tugged at my heart strings, so I decided to save the aqua mixer for the next house.*

*Which is pretty much where we stand with our living room furniture, piano situation, TV, bed frame…any major home essentials have been bulked into the “next home” purchase list.


Hubby spent an entire Saturday, obtained a beautiful shade of red on his skin, and planted tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and a wide selection of herbs. It’s taken us a few years to get over the poor yield of our first garden, so fingers are crossed on this one. I’m mostly excited about the herbs because I run through them like a baker goes through butter.*


*I’m planning another trip to Cabot so I can load up on another 18 pounds of butter. I can’t wait.


Last weekend, we went to New Hope Winery with Amy, who if you don’t know by now you should read about in this post. She’s a ‘stand by me’ kind of friend and I love her.


Bagpipes…no lie, the night got a thousand times better when I saw them.

Amy’s a big fan of Enter the Haggis, a Canadian Celtic rock band. She even went on their Ireland tour a few years ago. When she invited me to come hear them play, it was an easy yes. I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong where music is concerned. To me, they were a mixture of Aerosmith, Paul Simon, and Green Day*. I’ve never been someone who could settle on one favorite kind of music, so they fit my music genre beautifully.

*How is that possible? I know. Lance fought me on this, especially the Aerosmith idea, but the sound of some songs clearly said to me Aerosmith. They have a way of going from rock, to celtic, to folk with a hint of pop, to upbeat rock, all with some bagpipes and violin thrown in. I did feel a little victory on my Paul Simon notion when they inserted You Can Call Me Al into one of their songs.


Oh, and this guy here? He sings and plays the violin. He plays the violin and then switches over to piano while still holding his violin. Yeah, I can barely stand and play the violin.

I’m looking forward to going back for a tasting, and maybe even another night of music, too.


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