Homemade Bread

There’s nothing quite like a warm, crusty loaf of bread.

For me, it sends me back to when I was a little girl in pigtails who found most of her foodie satisfaction in a healthy lick of butter left on a knife.* The bread on which the butter had been spread was the next best thing. The slight crunch, soft chew, and thin spread of butter adding an extra layer of fat and flavor.

*Even then I knew what was good.

Simple, satisfying, and good for the soul.

I never pictured myself a bread maker. In fact, such a job seemed as archaic as a candlestick maker.* However, as adulthood more and more overcomes me, bread making, and all things related, have satisfied not only my palate, but my recreational time.

*I may have to blame nursery rhymes for this one.

While I’ve played with recipes of all kinds, and once upon a time only used a bread machine to make bread, the major change in my bread skills occurred after I received the book: Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day

Today I’m going to share with you the ridiculously simple method of creating a basic French boule dough which can be made in a matter of minutes, without kneading!, and stored in your fridge for up to two weeks, leading to last minute, warm, crusty bread, any day of the week!

In order to make this bread, there were a few purchases I needed to make. I’m sure you could force some other kitchen object to work, but I’m all about doing things by the book. Here’s what I needed:

People don’t believe how ridiculously easy this bread is to make. For the complete recipe go here.


Water, yeast, and salt…and no need to wait for the yeast to dissolve!


Plus flour…


Left alone for a few hours to rise…


Formed into a one-pound loaf…




Over and out. Amen.

This bread is life changing and truly lives up to the title ‘artisan bread’. Every person who eats it walks away impressed. And the best part? (Aside from how easy it is to make…) After I make my dough, I not only have one fresh loaf of bread, but three more just waiting patiently in my fridge to be used.


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