The Moth, Allentown, NJ

My dear friend, Amy, texted me a while back a picture of an adorable coffeehouse she was at with this message: ‘You need to blog about this place!’.

Naturally, I wanted in on this coffeehouse that was missing–yes, missing!–from The List.


Allentown itself holds a certain small town charm that makes my heart happy. But the building The Moth is located inside of makes my heart more than happy…it gives it the warm and fuzzies.


Visiting on a day where a pickup full of pumpkins was parked outside was an added delight.


The simplistic decor was comprised of unique restored wood tables and handmade flowers and paintings.



How adorable is their Ipad ‘register’?



I ordered a Nutella latte and it is now my new favorite*. I ordered with slight hesitation because sometimes a flavored latte as such can be overly sweet or scream of the special flavor being used. This latte had the perfect balance of espresso, Nutella, and milk. If I could rename it, I would call it “Latte Perfection with a hint of Nutella”.

*I know I say this a lot, but, it just means I have a lot of favorites.

And that’s exactly what I want in a latte. Perfection with a hint of flavor.

The Moth also has a small menu of vegan soups, salads, and sandwiches made on the premises. Since we were there for the carbs, their baked good display drew our attention. The only improvement they could make is better labeling of the alluring array of baked goods. The case sits at the end of the counter, easily missed, and not every item has a description.

But no worries for us, because I simply asked the girl at the register to give me the run down of the entire case.

The crumb cake I ordered had a dark crumble on top which measured to about the same thickness as the cake below.

I don’t make crumb cake often. It’s easy, uncomplicated, and often turns out too dry, cakey, or crumby. This crumb cake makes me want to take another whack at pursuing a crumb cake recipe unlike those I have tried before. I loved having an equal amount of sugary crumb topping to a cake of superb density and flavor.


Hubby’s order: Vanilla iced latte and a blueberry muffin

The Moth Coffeehouse
42 South Main Street
Allentown, NJ 08501


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