Peddler Coffee, Philadelphia, PA

I have something to tell you that has nothing to do with coffee.

Hubby chopped off the ridiculous curls in his mustache.


Still I’m loving this picture of him with his twirly ‘stache.

I know, I know.

It looks awesome.

But as a wife, I grow tired of the mustache wax, the twirling, and the continual stares and nods of ‘Cool mustache, man!’ that he gets from complete strangers.


A few weekends ago, we spent a rainy Saturday in Philly.

I am sure it is no surprise to learn that in addition to grabbing a couple of Philly cheese steaks, we also made sure to experience a local coffeehouse. Though our choice was quite random*, I’m so glad we discovered Peddler Coffee.

*In other words, while searching for a parking spot I saw the word ‘coffee’ at their entrance and shot my pointer finger towards it with a scream of, “We must go there!”

The menu is short and sweet–something that often makes my heart thump a little harder* and my eyes search for the door. But their baristas were ever so sweet at explaining the answers to my timid questions. To start, Peddler coffee roasts small batches of coffee and is considered a ’boutique’ coffee roasting company. In addition, if you are enjoying your coffee in the shop, your coffee is brewed via a Chemex. And at that, you know they had me.

*Why is it that I find less choices intimidating??

What intrigued me was the “Kyoto Over Ice” on their menu. The very kind and patient barista explained to me that ‘Kyoto’ is simply the method of which their iced coffee is brewed. I had seen the contraption used to create a Kyoto style cold brew, yet never knew it by this name.* Hubby ordered a Kyoto Over Ice, I think partially out of intrigue and partially because he didn’t see the word ‘latte’ on the menu.**

*And yes, of course, I didn’t take a picture. But if you Google ‘Kyoto coffee’ you’ll see exactly what Peddler is using to brew their coffee…and it’s awesome.

**It wasn’t until later when I had adjusted to this adorable little boutique coffee shop that I realized Hubby could have gone with his regular order of a vanilla iced latte. Their espresso drinks are listed on the menu as: Espresso, w/milk, over water, chocolate, vanilla, decaf–so we were a tad confused. Still in any world an espresso with milk is, you guessed it, a latte.

I ordered a special they had of Nicaraguan coffee which had notes of marshmallow and butterscotch. Yum.

What I noticed right away about both of our coffees was the color. We both added a little milk, but even without it the coffee had a subtle orange tint to it.


If you are a coffee lover interested in the little coffee bean and the flavors that each unique one and each unique brewing method can produce–Peddler Coffee is the place for you! It is a place that takes obvious pride in producing the best flavors imaginable without adding any flair or ingredients that will compromise the flavor worked so hard to be created.

Peddler Coffee
2100 Spring St
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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