Infini-T Cafe, Princeton, NJ

Princeton is home to a handful of coffeehouses on The List and I know you’re going to think I’m lying*, but the truth is that each one has a completely different vibe from the next.

*Spoiler alert, I’m not!


Infini-T Cafe, as you might guess from its name, has a strong focus on tea, but no worries–it doesn’t mean they’ve left their coffee on the back burner.

Not only do they offer fair trade tea and coffee, but they also have a full vegan and vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu.


The cafe is located underground on the corner of Hulfish and Witherspoon. It sits beneath one of my favorite shops, Alex and Ani, meaning any visit promises the chance of scoring a sweet new bracelet after I get my caffeine fix.


This poor man has no idea what he’s in for once we finish our coffees.

The decor is such a collaboration of Middle Eastern decor that it makes you feel as if the short underground walk has led you into a different world.


The coffee and tea bar greets visitors on first entrance, then they are faced with “The Spice Souk” aptly named and beautifully arranged in the image of a middle eastern spice market, such as the famous “Spice Souk” in Dubai.


Though we had come only for coffee, we decided to sit a while and enjoy breakfast, too.

Lance ordered a vanilla iced latte and Princeton’s Best Egg and Cheese Sandwich. Sometimes I get a little jealous of his protein packed meals, but then I remember I love my carbs and I would never, ever betray them.


I ordered their french toast, made from locally baked bread, served with fresh fruit, and Vermont maple syrup. We all know how much I love Vermont maple syrup so this was a win all around.

Did you happen to notice my adorable little coffee?


They get an A++ for presentation.

I ordered a Turkish coffee after having noted it on the menu of another coffeehouse we visited recently. Intrigued, I asked our waitress about it, even though I knew I was going to order it regardless of what she said.

After double checking with the barista, our waitress told me that it is a darker roast of which I learned on my own is brewed unfiltered.* It is essentially as strong as a shot of espresso with a smooth stream of coffee grinds included.

*And yes, I am a wimp and ordered milk on the side.

I expected to not love it, as I usually prefer a lighter roast, but still I had to try it. This was even after our waitress told me it isn’t her favorite and that she usually drinks Armenian coffee as she is Armenian.

And now I need to know what Armenian coffee is like.


Infini-T Cafe
4 Hulfish Street
Princeton, NJ


3 thoughts on “Infini-T Cafe, Princeton, NJ

  1. Jessica, I really enjoy reading about your adventures with food:-) Like you, coffee and desserts are my favorite parts of going out to eat. Because of your blogs I have a new love–yummies from Gingered Peach Bakery! And now I’m looking forward to checking out Infini-T Cafe:-))) Keep those posts coming!!!


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