Drip, Madison, NJ

Sometimes The List just doesn’t work. Sometimes we have to venture into the world of choosing our coffee for ourselves. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose.

At Drip in Madison, NJ, we won.

Our plans for the day sent us to North Jersey, but a rather filling lunch at Bobby’s Burger Palace had our tummies too full to think of anything, even coffee, afterwards. Because of this, we drove away from all three List options nearby and wound up at Drip in Madison, NJ hours later.


My reasoning behind eagerly choosing to go to Drip dates back to a little coffee stop we made in Georgia during my 30th birthday trip.*

*I’ll spare you the eye roll and won’t refer to it here as the 5th anniversary of my 25th birthday trip even though that is what it really was.**

**I see you rolling your eyes.

Our first morning in Georgia, we wanted coffee and certainly not coffee likened to any we could acquire at home.


We wanted different coffee. Specialized coffee. Georgia coffee.

We found drip and we loved every drip of it.


So when I heard ‘Drip’ from Lance’s quick Google search of coffee in the area, I jumped in my seat and demanded we go there.

I’m not sure why I expected it to be the same one. I should have known better.

drip was Georgia coffee, special coffee, 5th anniversary coffee.

Not Jersey coffee.

Nevertheless, we entered this different Drip with our hopes still high.


I was still a little caffeinated from earlier in the morning and was also feeling a sugar rush from a blueberry pomegranate milkshake I forced Lance to share with me at BBP, so I was at peace with the possibility of not enjoying this Drip as much as the other drip.

Which is also why I went incredibly daring with my order.

As you know, I tend to stick to a cappuccino, a vanilla latte, or the house roast for my Coffeehouse Adventures. But highlighted all special on their blackboard was a Chocolate Strawberry Mocha.

I was torn. It sounded like it could be good, my mind said, “Strawberry flavoring just won’t work in coffee. It’s going to taste fake. It’s going to overpower the drink. You’re not going to like it.”

So I did what any indecisive person would do. I asked the barista how the Chocolate Strawberry Mocha was. Her face lit up as a smile appeared on her once bored face and said, “It’s really good.”

So I had to do it…


…and I was so incredibly surprised at the delicious flavor created in my coffee cup. The strawberry was not overpowering, but subtly weaved throughout a milk chocolatey background of yum. Know how a mocha can sometimes taste grainy from the chocolate? Then how sometimes it can taste heavy from all the chocolate? That wasn’t the case. This drink was light, sweet–but not too sweet, and exactly what I hoped for.

Lance ordered an iced vanilla latte which also pleasantly surprised him. He had an iced latte the day before that had burned him–not literally but flavorly speaking–and I think that had him worried.


Though we were in Madison for but a brief amount of time, I sense a return trip. I can only imagine what their summer specials might be.


34 Main Street
Madison, NJ 07940


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