When Men Love Shoes

When it comes to men’s shoes, specifically sneakers, I understand why men think women should be content with owning only a few pairs of shoes.

By the way, my Hubby is not one of those men. He never faults me for my stacks of shoes or for my wanting to go to DSW even after I have recently purchased a pair, or two, of new shoes.

Jordans are a shoe phenomenon that I try, but fail, at understanding. Around since the best year ever, 1985, coincidentally also my birth year, these sneakers named for Michael Jordan and donning his ‘Jumpman’ silhouette have transformed from Nike high tops to designs featuring patent leather, graphic prints, and dozens of other specialized designs. They are a shoe boys dream of owning, and men like Hubby gravitate to after years of longing for them.

How then could I refuse a trip to Flight Club in NYC where the walls are lined higher than I can reach with Jordans of all kinds of styles imaginable?


For months we planned this trip with my other brother Andrew and his ladylove, Jill, to search for the perfect pair of Jordans. Yet when the moment of truth came, Hubby and Andrew were both torn between two pairs that if you asked me, were near identical.


Though there is barely a sign outside marking Flight Club’s location, the store was packed with people the entire time. Of which included You Tube makeup sensation, Nikkie Tutorials, and football player, Jason Pierre-Paul.

With shoes ranging from hard-to-find Jordans starting at $350 to Yeezy’s starting at $1,000, I suppose one can understand the reasoning behind wrapping the display shoes in cellophane and hiding the higher priced items in cases.


Trying shoes on is no joke either. You request your shoe size which (at least in Hubby’s case) means the shoe price will be different (higher) than listed on the display, and wait to be handed one shoe.

One shoe.

Not two in order to see how they both feel.

One, just one.


And, you can’t leave the carpet.

Unless you are Jason Pierre-Paul. Then you can hold the box, try on both, and walk anywhere you want.

These shoes have such power over men that they were standing in front of the wall as indecisive as women. As I was preparing this post, Hubby was staring over my shoulder at the pictures. When he saw the below picture he said, “Wait, hold on,” He leaned in closer, stared at the screen, and said “…I didn’t see that pair.”


When our men finally settled on the pair that was meant for them, we headed out towards Washington Square Park where a crowd was gathering. We don’t often stop for street performers, but these guys were intense.

Andrew was singled out for not clapping and then we saw this:


…and this:


When one of the performers tried to get Lance to participate in the following act, he walked away from the performer and ignored him and our calls for him to join in.


I think I’m glad he did.


Even better than the experience of Flight Club and strange street performers who coerce men to become dancing fools, was this:


The bird man of New York City!

Please tell me you have seen Home Alone II. Because if you haven’t, my excitement won’t make much sense.

When I saw him, I knew I needed a picture of him to cherish forever and ever.

He convinced Jilly to come over and feed the birds.

Can you see the impostor in the background?

Enraptured by her bravery, somehow I ended up being convinced to stand next to her and allow a bird or two to peck at my hand, too.

I didn’t look half as calm and collected as she does.


And you thought this post was all about men’s shoes.


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