Peddler’s Village


I discovered Peddler’s Village a little over ten years ago through an obsession I was starting to form with designer handbags. The big name then, in my price bracket at least, was Coach. Coach didn’t have many stand alone stores at that time and their products were mostly found in department stores and at a few outlet locations. When I discovered an outlet I had yet to visit in Lahaska, PA, we immediately planned a trip.

Expecting more outlet stores to surround the Coach, we were rather disappointed to learn that the Penn Purchase Outlets were comprised of less than ten stores, Coach being the only one of interest.

We wandered across the street to discover Peddler’s Village and though I found it quaint and cute all tied up together, we didn’t spend much time there and never returned until just last week.


Every year I see pictures and hear tales of how beautiful Peddler’s Village is during Christmastime. I can’t believe it has taken me so long to discover the magic of this little shopping area for myself.


Before I get too carried away with the Christmas wonder that Peddler’s Village produces, can I please take a minute to talk about their bathrooms?

You’ll be glad that I did.

I promise.

After shopping in the cutest little kitchen store…

How adorable is this Christmas tree made from whisks?

…some of us needed a visit to the bathrooms located across the way.

I know, I know, you are thinking this is a new low for me…blogging about bathrooms.

But the sink system in these bathrooms was unlike any I had ever seen in my entire life and I feel it is something the world needs to know about.

Take a look for yourself…


It looks like something from a time where we are driving hover cars and living in buildings that are so tall they intersect with the clouds.

It is a good thing there were directions written on the wall or I would not have been able to wash my hands. Your hands are placed into the empty area under the mirror and a light puff of foam soap is dispensed into your hands. After a split second, water begins to stream out, followed by air for drying.

Mind. Blown.

I didn’t need to touch anything in order to wash my hands!! I don’t know who installed these soap dispenser/faucet/hand driers, but I think they are missing the opportunity to expand their product across the nation!


Once we calmed down from the excitement of the bathrooms, we continued to make our way through Peddler’s Village. It was raining when we first arrived, but we didn’t let that slow us down. We decided that we would just go into every single store in order to fight off the pressing rain.

As the rain lessened, one area we almost skipped was a tiny gazebo filled with gingerbread houses made for the Peddler’s Village Gingerbread House Competition. More than 50% of the construction had to be made from gingerbread and everything visible needed to be edible. The categories included Kids Only! (ages 12 and under), Student Creations (ages 13-18), Reproduction of a Significant Building and Traditional Gingerbread Houses.

Take a peek at some of my favorites:


Some of these gingerbread houses were more mind blowing than those bathrooms.


As we continued to walk and shop, I felt a little mad at myself for waiting so long to come back. Peddler’s Village is made for those who love Christmas and shopping (especially shopping local)–like me!


Each store is completely unique, offering items that cannot be found in an ordinary chain store.


After we enjoyed a meal of comfort food from Cock ‘n Bull Restaurant* the rain stopped and we were able to continue shopping without having to avoid drip drops at every turn.

*Not to be mistaken for Cock and Bull located in NYC. We were a little bummed when we realized they were two different restaurants. Especially since my SIL, Sam, and I were counting on having their delicious bacon wrapped meatloaf.


You have more than likely realized that a trip to Peddler’s Village during Christmas time must be scheduled during the night.

The area, though beautiful during the day, transforms into a postcard worthy Christmas village at night.


This is what happens when I try to get a normal picture of my family walking into the beauty of the night.


Hands down, my favorite part of the night was our visit to P.J.’s and Jammies. Though I certainly don’t need anymore pajamas, I am always interested in shopping for pajamas. When we entered the store, it appeared that everyone shopping in Peddler’s Village that night shared my sentiments towards pajamas.

Not only was it crowded, but there was an abundance of employees roaming around. Every employee was dressed in pajamas, some more scantly dressed than others. After a minute or two we began to question what was going on.


I wish I had had the nerve to start snapping pictures. We soon realized that the place was packed specifically with men–for Men’s Night. This is apparently a tradition in Peddler’s Village. Men were standing around enjoying complimentary drinks, hors d’oeuvres and the modeling of jammies and lingerie.

That would be my third mind blowing experience in one night.


Unlike the Penn Purchase Outlets, there are so many stores to visit in Peddler’s Village, as well as, so many sights to take in.

I think a return trip might be in order for one of the days following Christmas.

Peddler’s Village, Routes 202 & 263
Lahaska, Bucks County, PA – 18931


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