Cool Beans, Toms River, NJ

Who remembers Uncle Dood’s Donuts?

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a reminder…


Aren’t they beautiful? Don’t they make you want to stop everything you’re doing, walk out the door of your job and head over to Tom’s River? When you reach Tom’s River, after you’ve loaded up on your fair share of these heavenly donuts, if you are anything like me (and I’m sorry if you are), you’ll want coffee to go with them. Plan your trip accordingly so that you can stop over at Cool Beans.


On my first trip to Uncle Dood’s, Lance and I headed over to Cool Beans excited to cross off another coffee house while also discovering the sheer wonder that is Uncle Dood’s. When we got to the door we were sadly disappointed to read that Cool Beans didn’t open for another hour. If we had the time, we might have been convinced to sit around and wait, but hot donuts and afternoon plans made us turn our backs on Cool Beans and head over to Starbucks.

On my second trip to Uncle Dood’s with my SIL, Kristina, we made sure that Cool Beans was a stop we made, and that we planned our time accordingly.


I read a little about Cool Beans and knew that they also served lunch, but I thought, ‘No…the coffee is where it’s at,”. As I stood at the coffee bar, my attention was divided between the coffee menu, the dining menu, the large dining area, and the display of decadent desserts. Needless to say, in the future I’m going to need to plan a trip that incorporates lunch or breakfast at Cool Beans, coffee at Cool Beans, and, of course, Uncle Dood’s donuts.


They have your typical espresso drinks at decent prices (around a dollar cheaper than Starbucks), but what immediately caught my attention was their ‘Espresso Candy Bar and Specialty Drinks’. Among the candy bars and creations on this list were Mounds, Snickers, Almond Joy, Black Forest, Jack Frost Mocha, Reeses, and so many more.

I wanted to try their cappuccino, but I couldn’t resist one of these candy bar espresso creations. So….


…this happened.

It isn’t as crazy as it seems. The far right coffee is Kristina’s.

The cappuccino was just okay. It wasn’t overly strong as some that I’ve recently enjoyed have been, but it wasn’t anything too special.

It made me glad that I also ordered a Milky Way from the Espresso Candy Bar. The Milky Way has exactly the ingredients you would expect: caramel and chocolate. Is there any better combination in this world? (Alright, yes, of course there is. Pretzels and chocolate. Ice cream and chocolate. Gummy bears and chocolate. Hmmm…I’m sensing a pattern here…)

What was nice about the Milky Way was that it was sweet but not overly sweet. Too many specialty drinks end up getting out of control with the sugar. I like when I can still taste the strength of the espresso with a hint of the other flavors that have been added.

Aside from love love loving the creativity of the espresso menu, another thing that will draw me back to Cool Beans was their staff. Everyone we encountered was friendly, and incredibly patient with us as we stared bug eyed at the menu wondering what we should order.

For the price, the friendliness, and the creativity of the menu, Cool Beans is worth a trip to Toms River.


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