A Vermont Weekend

Five years ago, we began taking weekend getaways in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Last year, being new dog owners and all, we decided against going away and had a cozy* little celebration at home. This year, I wanted my Valentine’s weekend back and I knew exactly where I wanted to go: Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont.** … More A Vermont Weekend

Give Love.

If ever there were a holiday I defined as over commercialized, it would be Valentine’s Day. Men are forced into overspending for roses and chocolates. Restaurant reservations must be made weeks in advance. Attempts are made at the perfect words to say I Love You in overpriced Hallmark cards. However, in complete truth, more recently, I haven’t … More Give Love.

Screenshot Shivers

This post is going to seem contradictory, but let me start by saying I meant every word I wrote in my last post regarding the cold weather. However… however, however, however. About two months ago, I planned our Valentine’s Day celebration and decided we needed to go to Vermont. Vermont, as in, one of the … More Screenshot Shivers