Lean on Me

Most people will tell you Pisa is a day trip. It isn’t a place to park it for a few days. And, while they’re right, don’t assume that means Pisa is simply the Torre di Pisa, Tower of Pisa, and nothing else. I love everything about how they posed for this picture After our 3-hour … More Lean on Me

Mangia Mondays

In Rome, Thursdays are known as ‘Giovedi Gnocchi’ thus dubbing Thursdays a day to prepare and enjoy gnocchi in the home. I like this idea of naming a day of the week for the meal to be had, while also leaving room for creativity to keep from the rut of eating the same meal again … More Mangia Mondays

Homemade Pasta

Within minutes of our first attempt at making fresh pasta, I found myself proclaiming passionate promises of only using fresh pasta from now until forever in my kitchen. When all was said and done, the sentiment still held true, however, reality put the hope of forever fresh pasta into perspective. When we began, our gnocchi making experience … More Homemade Pasta