Buttercup Bake Shop

Now that summer is over and my mission to enjoy as much ice cream as possible has ended*, I’m back to scanning for bakeries, rather than ice cream shops, during my travels. On our Halloween Adventure trip, while speed walking down 7th avenue with bellies rumbling for lunch, I spotted Buttercup Bake Shop. *Truth moment: … More Buttercup Bake Shop

Bagels and Banksy

Last year was the first time I experienced a New York City bagel. How could I have been in and out of the city so many times in my life and never tried a food which basically spells: N-E-W  Y-O-R-K?! The reason, dear friends, is two-fold. For starters, there is the fear of disappointment. Often … More Bagels and Banksy

Be True

One of my classmates once told me that when I joined her class in second grade she was scared of me. I have one of those faces that holds a “don’t mess with me look” with little to no effort. It’s one of those faces that makes people ask “Are you okay?” and usually keeps … More Be True