Holiday Flavors

Yesterday, I had my 4-month* dental cleaning scheduled bright and early at 8 am. *Yes, I’m one of those people with horrible genetics who has to work really, really hard** to keep from looking like a snaggle toothed mess. **Basically, I do whatever the dentist tells me to do. Change my toothpaste? No problem! Buy … More Holiday Flavors

Merry Christmas!

This is the picture I chose for our Christmas card this year. A decent picture of the two of us where we both are smiling and looking at the camera is a rare find…and this one fills me with both joy and longing. We stand in the land that calls my heart…Vermont, specifically, the Von … More Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays

I put my Christmas tree up last week…on November 1st, to be exact. My Christmas impulses subject me to discovering the spectrum of stances people have for the holidays. I’ve heard it all, and regardless, I will continue to listen to Christmas music in July and bargain with my husband over putting my tree up … More Happy Holidays