For a few magical hours Friday night, Jon was a king. For one night, he was in a place where his disability didn’t make him a minority, but instead, raised him up to shine. Friends, you know I have no loyalty to any sports teams or athletes. I choose who I’m rooting for based on … More Shine.

SONJ, 2017

In case you are an occasional reader of my blog, here’s the background you need in order to understand this post: My youngest brother, Jonathan, has Down syndrome. He is one of my favorite people on earth. Jonathan, also known as Jon, Jonny, J-Bear, Jonny bo Bonny, Jonny Joo Joo, and more, is one of … More SONJ, 2017

It’s Coming!

Friends, World Down Syndrome Day is coming! Usually, I post about WDSD only once…on the actual date: 3.21 I have something extra special planned, something I’m so so so excited to share with you, which is part of the reason I’m starting the discussion early.* *The end of this post reminds you of the second reason … More It’s Coming!

Jonny is My Hero

One of my favorite days in the year is soon approaching: World Down Syndrome Day! This is the day we come together to raise awareness globally and to support the rights, well-being, and inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome. I’ve shared before what this day and Down syndrome mean in my life, but now I have … More Jonny is My Hero

Cooking with Jonathan

  Every Tuesday, Jonathan sleeps over. Any day spent with Jonathan isn’t as simple as “let’s hang out”. It includes a numbered list of what we’ll do, which usually doesn’t differ too drastically from week to week. My favorite part of the night, aside from snuggling on the couch watching Once Upon a Time episodes, is cooking … More Cooking with Jonathan