Radio Gaga

I’ve told myself I was done blogging. But, gosh darn it, I’ve missed it. I’ve thought on and off about other ways to keep such a perfect chronicle of my life happenings and among the options included were: keeping a Word document (too easy to forget about/get lost with countless other files), a diary (my brain … More Radio Gaga

Cooking with Jonathan

  Every Tuesday, Jonathan sleeps over. Any day spent with Jonathan isn’t as simple as “let’s hang out”. It includes a numbered list of what we’ll do, which usually doesn’t differ too drastically from week to week. My favorite part of the night, aside from snuggling on the couch watching Once Upon a Time episodes, is cooking … More Cooking with Jonathan

Cooking with Lance

  In an effort to fill in the gaps between our different outings and to also keep ourselves from unnecessary shopping and eating out, Lance and I have started cooking together. These are not ordinary weeknight meals that are usually attempted to be made within an hour or less. No. These are meals of extravagance, … More Cooking with Lance

Blue Apron

I suffer from a problem not yet labeled by science. I call it: Newneedtotryititis. Read slowly it should sound something like this, New? Need to try it! -itis. (Note: The -itis is merely an ornament to make this actually sound like a real thing). I find myself unnecessarily excited by things such as new coffee … More Blue Apron