Our Family Cruise

On Christmas Eve Eve, my family and I docked in NYC from an 11-day cruise. We haven’t taken a family trip like this in…ever.* I blame Gram for the entire thing. A few years ago, while reminiscing about cruises she had taken long ago, one thing led to another and the planning began. *No, seriously, … More Our Family Cruise

Four for Friday!

How is it the middle of December already? Can someone please press the pause button on my holiday season? Before you know, it will be Easter and everyone will be looking at me funny because I’m still singing Christmas tunes. I have three different ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ decorations in my house which stay up … More Four for Friday!

Merry Christmas!

This is the picture I chose for our Christmas card this year. A decent picture of the two of us where we both are smiling and looking at the camera is a rare find…and this one fills me with both joy and longing. We stand in the land that calls my heart…Vermont, specifically, the Von … More Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays

I put my Christmas tree up last week…on November 1st, to be exact. My Christmas impulses subject me to discovering the spectrum of stances people have for the holidays. I’ve heard it all, and regardless, I will continue to listen to Christmas music in July and bargain with my husband over putting my tree up … More Happy Holidays

Homemade Ice Cream

I once read that it is far too expensive to make your own ice cream. This did not deter me from adding an ice cream maker to my Christmas list. After all, I am the same person who has made her own almond milk, seasoned bread crumbs, French and Italian breads, vanilla extract, and more! … More Homemade Ice Cream

A Longwood Christmas

If you enjoy horticulture and are a Christmas lover, Longwood Gardens is a stop you need to plan for one of your days off for Christmas*. What amazes me most is that Longwood Gardens has arranged nature into the most appealing display possible and then, on top of this, somehow envisioned a way to compliment … More A Longwood Christmas