Four for Friday!

I’ve debated on how to start this first post after a three month break from blogging. I considered bombarding you with the nitty gritty details of my departure. I mentally strewed together a rant on all the wrongs with society and life. But instead, I’ll say this… I left without warning, and for that, I’m … More Four for Friday!

Dessert for Breakfast?

Thanksgiving breakfast is the most exciting, exhausting, laughter inducing, sweat producing, joyful, cozy, carb-a-licious event of my entire year. Translation: It’s my favorite. On Thanksgiving Eve, my kitchen transforms into a bakery and anyone in my path is given a task…alright, several tasks…to complete. Dish drying and chocolate drizzling… …egg separating and recipe reading For … More Dessert for Breakfast?

Holy Donut, Batman!

You know I like food with a twist. So, donuts made with potatoes as one of their ingredients? Yeah…it was a must try. Funnily enough, a few weeks before going on this little road trip, I made cinnamon rolls with potato. In the recipe, mashed potato was their ‘secret to light-as-air rolls’. Apparently, it adds … More Holy Donut, Batman!


I love unique dining atmospheres almost as much as I love the food served. The possibility exists that had the reviews of this restaurant been negative, I still would have wanted to go based on the soul fact that Clink. is located in what once, as recent as 1990, was a jail. Fortunately, the decor … More Clink.

Finally Fall!

It’s the first day of fall!!! I’ve been looking forward to this day for…well, all year long. Admit it. This is how you feel on the first day of fall, too. Though summer brings about a needed relief from the bitter cold of winter, fall always is the season I want to press ‘pause’ on … More Finally Fall!

The Hershey Pantry

When a self-proclaimed foodie, such as myself, finds herself in Hershey, PA with a surprise addition of time during the lunch hour, Google becomes her best friend. After spending the morning of Labor Day shopping, and having a commitment that meant we needed to head home by late afternoon, I expected to only have time … More The Hershey Pantry