Be Fierce.

I haven’t posted about what I’m currently reading since February….2017.* And unfortunately, if you’re hoping for an update, that isn’t what I’m giving today.** *Shameful, I know. **However, now that I’ve noticed this absence, and certainly am not currently still reading the books from last year’s post, I will right this wrong promptly. I read … More Be Fierce.

Get Bothered

We have a lot of political, philosophical, Utopian/Dystopian fiction lying around our home. Most of them are Lance’s, but one or two selections are mine. With the amount of time I find myself with these days, my nose has ended up in a number of books accumulating to far greater numbers than those read in … More Get Bothered

Sibling Time in NYC

I’m trying to limit my NYC trip posting on here. No matter how much of my heart NYC owns, this is The Real JERSEY after all. In fact, I’ve been putting off writing about this NYC trip for so long, that it dates back to the beginning of LAST month. Of course you’ll never be … More Sibling Time in NYC