My Boos Block

As a thank you for my planning our family cruise, my family bought me the Boos Block table I had my eye on since I took that King Arthur class last May. They’re the best.* *I mean my family, but the table is the best, too! I tend to keep new things boxed up for … More My Boos Block

Crêpe Cake

One random Friday night somewhere during the time I began really baking, I decided to try my hand at a crêpe cake. It seemed like an awe-inspiring dessert to bring to a family dinner that night. Up until then, the extent of my from-scratch baking was cakes and cookies, hardly reaching a complex mastery level … More Crêpe Cake

A Story of Butter

Baking something from Duff Bakes sits at number nine on my ‘Summer Want To‘ list. And while I plan on eventually giving you a detailed follow up post on how much I accomplished from the list, this story must be shared now. Having only made one treat from the book* this far in, I knew this was an … More A Story of Butter