The Fall

I semi-promised you this tale. And I’ve decided to be strong and share it. We had Stitch for about a month when life started looking up. We were able to watch an hour long TV show without having to a.) sit on the floor, b.) keep Stitch from biting at us, the couch, or the … More The Fall

Be Fierce.

I haven’t posted about what I’m currently reading since February….2017.* And unfortunately, if you’re hoping for an update, that isn’t what I’m giving today.** *Shameful, I know. **However, now that I’ve noticed this absence, and certainly am not currently still reading the books from last year’s post, I will right this wrong promptly. I read … More Be Fierce.

Our Family Cruise

On Christmas Eve Eve, my family and I docked in NYC from an 11-day cruise. We haven’t taken a family trip like this in…ever.* I blame Gram for the entire thing. A few years ago, while reminiscing about cruises she had taken long ago, one thing led to another and the planning began. *No, seriously, … More Our Family Cruise

Happy New Year!

I’m a planner by nature. In January 2017, I knew the year held our anniversary trip to Hawaii, a family cruise to the Caribbean*, lots of writing and even more croissant making. And all those plans suited me just fine. *More on that later. I didn’t know the year would hold my first drive into … More Happy New Year!

Four for Friday!

How is it the middle of December already? Can someone please press the pause button on my holiday season? Before you know, it will be Easter and everyone will be looking at me funny because I’m still singing Christmas tunes. I have three different ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ decorations in my house which stay up … More Four for Friday!