Lean on Me

Most people will tell you Pisa is a day trip. It isn’t a place to park it for a few days.


And, while they’re right, don’t assume that means Pisa is simply the Torre di Pisa, Tower of Pisa, and nothing else.


I love everything about how they posed for this picture

After our 3-hour train from Rome to Pisa, the 20-minute walk to the tower was a welcomed bit of activity. I expected an uneventful walk, but was pleasantly surprised by the liveliness of the town*, as well as, this bridge crossing over the Arno River, an obvious spot for a photo shoot.

*Translation: There were plenty of stores to shop in along the way to the tower.



I’m a sucker for bright colors and art wherever I can discover it, whether it be in buildings which have been preserved for hundreds of years or street art containing deeper messages.


“I didn’t stretch my life, that’s why it took a bad turn”

Food was more important than the tower upon our arrival. We dipped into a local spot where we were fed the most delicious assortment of pasta for primi and a deliciously wild range of meats for secondi*.

*I would like to initiate primi and secondi in America. Because there are some days I want pasta, but I also want a main entree, and choosing between them requires more thought and concentration than choosing the right college.


Hungry brothers


Possibly my favorite picture from this trip


“Now, here’s how you’re going to stand, Jon”

Traveling with Jon pretty much consisted of us telling him to stand in front of statues and do funny things.


Nailed it.


I’d like to summon from the past whoever designed this building and ask them to take a look at the right side of my house.


And the anticipation builds…


But before I could take a picture of the tower, you know I needed a few pictures of this.


I wish I could see how this picture turned out.


The tower is indeed leaning and in person it is even more mind boggling than any picture can convey.


Looks like our artist friend decided to speak for the tower.

I find Pisa to be one of those must do places in Italy. Its fame, but also the experience of actually taking the tower in with your own eyes, make it a spot worth working into the vacation itinerary.


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