28 days

Two days shy of a month, Hubby and I didn’t see each other but with one brief 24-hour period shoved at the center.

For the last two and a half weeks, I have been visiting my brother, Joel, and his wife, Mallory, in Italy. I brought Jon.

Yes. I’m sure I have dozens upon dozens of stories to tell and pictures to share.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I write to you from the past. From the day before Hubby’s return. Two days before my departure.


The Gateway to India

Twelve days before Jon and I left for Italy, Lance went to India for work. He has needed to go to India for somewhere around five years now, and this was the year it had to happen. And September was the month it had to happen in. He has gone away for work before, but this time it was a little harder.

Maybe it’s because it was to a different country.

Maybe it’s because this time we have another living being to care for in our house.

Maybe it’s because I knew I would be leaving almost immediately after his return.

Or maybe, it’s because I need him.


The view from his hotel room

I need him here to laugh at my sarcasm. I need him here to take a drive thirty minutes away with no other purpose than to get dessert. I need him here to go on late night walks with Stitch and me. I need him here to have someone to say goodbye to in the morning and hello to at night. I need him here to ask his opinion, even when it’s on something I could easily decide on my own.

Our world is a little skewed when it looks at men and women in broad strokes. It has become male versus female. Equality over empathy.


I don’t need a man. I could certainly live this life without one. But I do need Lance. I am his helpmate and he is mine. When he isn’t here, there is a Lance shaped hole, waiting to be filled.


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