Peace Pie

I never appreciated pie until a few years ago. Before then, I had a few mandatory bites of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, would grin and bear my way through a cold apple pie if it was the dessert of choice at a friend’s house, but never, ever, requested on my own the presence of pie in my dessert world.

You get older. Things change.

It also helps if ice cream is involved.


Though today my pie tastes have broadened and I will eat a naked pie happily, if a la mode is an option*, I will emphatically say yes.

*I would like to petition for making a la mode no longer an option, but a requirement for pie serving. Why, I ask you, wouldn’t you make a pie even more glorious by serving it with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream if you have the capability to do so?


Peace Pie in Cape May knows what I’m talking about. They have taken all the good flavors of our favorite pies: blueberry, apple, pumpkin, Boston cream*, and more, and turned them into ice cream sandwiches.

*Not a real pie, but we’ll let it slide because it’s so good.

Over the course of 36 hours, Hubby and I visited Peace Pie not once, but twice while we were in the Cape May/Wildwood region of Jersey.


I tried the Blueberry Cobbler and the Candy Bar. Ice cream and pie filling are sandwiched between shortbread, graham cracker, or chocolate cookies. My favorite part was the vanilla mousse used in certain sandwiches. It was a pleasant surprise in taste and texture and a perfect pairing with their delicious vanilla ice cream.

I know autumn is upon us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put a lock on our ice cream chests*. For me, the next time I am in Cape May, Peace Pie will be one of my first stops.

*You have one of these, right? A freezer completely devoted to your ice cream?


Peace Pie
326 Carpenters Ln
Cape May, NJ 08204
With locations in St Augustine, FL and Charleston, SC


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