Four for Friday!

1. Signs

Can we please have more signs like this to brighten up our lives?


In addition to my collection of feet pictures, I think I need to start a folder titled, “Great Signs”. This one is top of the list right now.

2. Fuku

I first had a Fuku chicken sandwich in this underground bar in NYC. They served drinks and a short menu* which included their famous chicken sandwich.

*Short, as in, there were no more than three items.


Fuku is part of the Momofuku restaurant family which draws on Asian and American influences. Fuku focuses mostly on fried chicken, though we have eaten their spicy fried chicken at a Momofuku location before, and no, they aren’t kidding around with their use of the word ‘spicy’.

When I saw a Fuku in the Hudson Yards mall, it produced the same feeling I get when I see a Chick-Fil-A.

Instant happiness. The immediate knowledge that if I eat there, I won’t regret it.

I’ve only tried their thigh meat sandwich, though I am desperate to try their white meat one*.

*Apparently, not desperate enough to have gotten in on this last visit.

The menu at Fuku is still simple, which I like. And their chicken sandwich is a lunch option I will never turn down.

3. Soup Dumplings

On our last visit to Lan Ramen, I ordered Soup Dumplings. I read reviews about them, saw pictures of them, and yet still wasn’t prepared for the experience of eating them.


I popped my first one into my mouth, chomped down, and realized this was quite literally a dumpling filled with soup.

And then I asked the question I’m sure has been posed dozens of times:

How did they get the soup in there?

I didn’t ask our waiter, but hypothesized that they used a syringe filled with soup and poked it into the gathered top of the dumpling.

I knew there were flaws to my theory, so I looked it up.

The soup is a gelatinous soup base which is cooled, cut up, and put inside the dumplings when they are made. It changes back into what we know as soup when the dumplings are steamed.


4. Dogs on the Table

Stitch now weighs 59 pounds. He continues to think he is a lap dog. When placed upon my lap, he also continues to think his closer proximity to the top of the table means he should explore it.


Calm down, it isn’t a Christmas decoration…it’s a Thanksgiving decoration.

Please send help.


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