Mangia Mondays

In Rome, Thursdays are known as ‘Giovedi Gnocchi’ thus dubbing Thursdays a day to prepare and enjoy gnocchi in the home.

I like this idea of naming a day of the week for the meal to be had, while also leaving room for creativity to keep from the rut of eating the same meal again and again every week. The most common equivalent I could think of in America was Meatless Mondays or Taco Tuesdays, but Hubby needs meat and I hate repetition.

So, I created my own.


Cacio e Pepe (Cheese and Pepper, with Pancetta and Arugula)

Mangia Mondays were born* from my love for all things Italian and more Italian cookbooks than one girl should own.

*And, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t initiate Giovedi Gnocchi: 1.) Thursdays are a bad day for me to make a hands-on meal and 2.) My gnocchi skills are just okay**.

**But don’t think I’m not still considering ways to make it work.


Pomodori con Riso (Tomatoes with Rice)

The rules are simply this: meals on Mangia Monday must come from one of said Italian cookbooks and it’s preferable, to me, if they include pasta*.

*It’s also preferable to Hubby if they include meat in some way, shape or form. I often make this happen by choosing my Mangia Monday recipe with no consideration to his need for meat and then, should it not have meat in it already, serving it with grilled chicken or Italian sausages on the side.


Cavatelli with Tomato and Wild Mint Pesto

The best part of Mangia Mondays is exploring another culture’s food in depth. I’ve come to realize the simplest ingredients, carefully prepared, can impart the most desirable flavors, making a not-so-difficult meal taste like it took all day to prepare.

Do you have any fun weeknight meal days in your house*?

*And please don’t mention Leftover Night, the bane of my childhood existence.


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