Four for Friday!

1. Focaccia

I had the best focaccia of my life when we were in Cape May.


While I was searching for lunch spots during our drive down, I saw a picture of this on the Yelp page for Freda’s Café and was immediately sold. Focaccia is a beautiful thing alone, with its crisp bottom and bubbly top, but spread with basil pesto, covered in crab meat, melty mozzarella, and a healthy scattering of tomatoes?



Lance’s crab cake sandwich was pretty incredible, too

2. Life Like Pillows


Lance bought me a pillow of Stitch for my birthday.

It is humongous and hysterical and I love it.

3. Samsung

We were in New York on my birthday and stopped into Samsung 837, which is apparently not a store, or even a showroom, but almost like a please touch museum for Samsung technology.

We traced pictures of ourselves…


I see Van Gogh in Hubby’s tracing of himself

Colored and watched our colorings appear on their three-story screen at the center of the first floor…


….and played around with the new Galaxy S10

4. Leek Soup

Last spring, I read the book, French Women Don’ Get Fat, partially out of intrigue and partially because I’m interested in eating habits which become a lifestyle, not short-lived fads.

The overall concepts weren’t much different from what I already know I should be doing*, with one exception: Leek soup.

*Drink lots of water, don’t starve yourself, pass on the bread, be conscious of what you’re eating instead of eating on the go…

The author talks about being prescribed this soup by her doctor at the start of her weight loss journey. This ‘soup’ is chopped leeks, boiled in water, and eaten (as your only food) over the course of a weekend. It is supposed to jump start your new, French style, eating habits.

I tried it and Lance, saint that he is, joined me. By dinner, we cracked and rushed out to our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi joint, then continued with our leek soup diet the next day.

In the end, I lost two pounds.

Potato Kale Soup (2)

Wanting to try this concept again, but not wanting to eat the flavorless oniony hot water concoction leek soup is, I made Amanda Freitag’s Potato Kale Soup. It used similar ingredients to a leek soup alternative the book provides, but amped up with flavor gained from garlic and chicken broth. I made the executive decision it would be a fine substitute.

I lost 3 pounds*.

*The greater victory here is that my only cheats during this time were a handful of Lay’s Dill chips** and four gummy bears.

**Have you had these? Please tell me you love them. Because I do.


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