Radio Gaga

I’ve told myself I was done blogging. But, gosh darn it, I’ve missed it. I’ve thought on and off about other ways to keep such a perfect chronicle of my life happenings and among the options included were: keeping a Word document (too easy to forget about/get lost with countless other files), a diary (my brain moves faster than my hand can write), a five-minute journal (five minutes is far too short), a new Instagram account (my goal is that my words be greater than my pictures), but my blog is what I came back to every time.

To me, it is far better than any handwritten journal, because it is thought out, carefully written, precisely accurate, yet with a dash of creativity, of each written event. Plus, my top of my class typing skills* keeps up with the overwhelming number of things my brain spews out. Numerous times I have wondered about when something occurred in the timeline of my life or how I made a certain recipe (strawberry trifle, literally every time I have to go back to my old blog to see what order I put the layers in) only to remember I blogged about it and have a physical time stamped log of these things.

*Having the highest number of words per minute in computer class earned me a plaque in high school which I was far too proud of…yes, I am a little bit of a geek.

So, let me be up front. This is for me. Not for you. I need it. I don’t care about followers or stats. I care about writing and bottling up a piece of me in time.

Alright, alright, fine…there’s a small part of me writing for others. Like my lifelong friend, Amy, who literally asks me every time I see her when I am going to start blogging again. And my friend, Anita, who emails me encouraging little messages from time to time and tells me she loves to read my blog. And, of course, my mom, who thinks everything I write is perfect and meant to be published.

To make up for six months of radio silence, here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to. One photo for every month missed:


My little cutie pants, Stitch, turned two.



Hubby and I traveled to NOLA. We ate the best food, cooked the best food, and listened to the best* jazz I have ever experienced in my life.

*Not an exaggeration, promise.



Remember how I went to Italy to see my brother and sister-in-law? They were able to come home for Christmas and stayed until February!

*I’m sure you’re wondering what the deal is with the burritos on the table. For now, I’ll leave the explanation to your curiosity.



Joel and Mal watched Stitch for us for a weekend so we could get away to one of our favorite places: NYC. We did our own pizza tour (eating four different slices within a few hours), ate donuts, and enjoyed the city!


MARCH 2019

We took a cooking class at our local community college and learned how to scale, skin, and debone fish. I’m one step closer to being ready for a zombie apocalypse.


APRIL 2019

We made our own Chicago style pizza at home. It was as great as we remembered Chicago style pizza to be, and surprisingly simple to make.


Now, you’re all caught up! Considering how many of these items have to do with food, it looks like not too much about me has changed in six months.


2 thoughts on “Radio Gaga

  1. Hi Jess, I was thrilled to see your new posting . That was nest that I was mentioned . You and your hubby do great adventures together . I have been thinking of blogging on my garden clippings. Like you said circus a nice timeline and good exercise for the writer.

    I was happy to be planting plants in my garden today while Chris was installing a new raised bed for me.

    I have been receiving free flowers I called it a God thing because they came through the fence from the neighbor. I didn’t know what they were called and then I happened to see in one of my magazines that it is Beebalm. Or another name is monarda raspberry wine. This year my gardening has been a bit overwhelming just the energy level that it takes to till the garden rake the garden till the garden again take the weeds off dig the holes. But I am enjoying some of the results of my hard labor I wish I knew how to send pictures and I could send you a picture. I have planted some seeds that I need to transplant in the pots and make my own little salad bowl. I have spinach I have red leaf lettuce and I have butter crunch lettuce. I Planted profusion seeds that are part of the city of family and at least 100 seeds came up in my flower bed so I need to transplant them.

    I admire you and your husband. I think that is so neat the things you do together like cooking class going to New York City and trying new foods comparing new foods what fun!

    You help to energize me and inspire me. Thanks for blogging again. You have brought me smiles. May the Lord bless you abundantly, Anita

    Sent from my iPhone



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