For a few magical hours Friday night, Jon was a king.

For one night, he was in a place where his disability didn’t make him a minority, but instead, raised him up to shine.

Friends, you know I have no loyalty to any sports teams or athletes. I choose who I’m rooting for based on 1.) Hubby’s choice, 2.) the team colors, or 3.) a judging-the-book-by-its-cover kind of attitude. However, for the last year or so, I’ve been a proud supporter of Tim Tebow*, specifically the Tim Tebow Foundation.

*And, if you’re as bad as me when it comes to sports, Tim Tebow is a former professional quarterback.

King Jon (1)

The Tim Tebow Foundation exists to bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.

Only one of the many ways the foundation does this is by hosting Night to Shine, a prom experience for individuals with special needs who are 14 years or older. On this night, they are celebrated.

That’s right.


They are given red carpet, royal treatment, crown included*. They are able to let loose in a room filled with love and acceptance, completely void of judgement.

*Jon has been wearing his crown all weekend.


A prom for most of us was a normal part of our teenage years, so much so we forget about those who never had the opportunity, or those whose experience greatly differed from ours.

Night to Shine is a dream maker, a wish granter, a joy bringer.

And I’m grateful my little brother could be part of it.

To get involved by giving of your time, money, or prayers, visit*:
Tim Tebow Foundation

Please note: This is a foundation close to my heart and therefore the only reason I am blogging about it today. I have no connection to the foundation other than my personal giving and the love which the foundation poured into my brother and countless others on February 9th, 2018.


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