Four for Friday!

1. Mac Mart

In case you’ve been living a life of seclusion in a shack you built on your own a la Ted Kaczynski style* and this blog is your only source of connection with the real world**, I’ll give you the biggest news of this past week: the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

*See #2 for why on earth I’d ever reference him.

**Dear Lord, I hope not.

If you’re a non sports enthusiast like myself, I’m sure you don’t really care*, however, today’s first point is connected to the Eagles via their hometown: Philadelphia.

*But, in complete honesty, towards the middle to end of the game, I was hoping they’d get the win. They played hard** and in my world that means they earned it.

**I hope we all agree that I have no clue what kind of actions the words ‘played hard’ actually consist of regarding the world of football.

I don’t go into Philly too often, but my SIL, Sam, invited me to go with her to try Mac Mart. Sam is a cheese enthusiast, so it was no wonder she found a spot dedicated to taking the humble mac and cheese and making it even better.*

*If such a thing is possible.


‘Wit’ Mac: Classic Mac topped with Philly steak, caramelized onions, potato chip panko crunch, and ketchup drizzle

If you find yourself in a similar cheese obsessive state as my SIL, you might want to give Mac Mart a try the next time you’re in Philly.

2. Manhunt: Unabomber

Hubby and I recently watched the Mindhunter TV series about the FBI agents who first profiled and coined the term ‘serial killers’. It is a little unnerving how thrilling the stories of serial killers can be; like a car crash you can’t look away from, their stories make us want to hear more.

At least, that’s how it is for Hubby and me.

So, after Mindhunter we watched Manhunt: Unabomber the story of Ted Kaczynski. Perhaps the most moving part of both these shows, for me, was the realization of how a serial killer’s past, usually their childhood or adolescent years, heavily influenced the likelihood that they would kill. It makes part of me hurt for the lives they could have had and another part of me hurt for the countless number of children growing up today in similar home environments.

3. Ruby chocolate

Have you seen the pink Kit Kat bars? Whenever I see them I immediately groan at the thought of all that dye used to create a pink candy bar.

Then I learned about Ruby Chocolate.

Ruby chocolate is made from ‘ruby’ cocoa beans and gives off a natural pink color. Along with its sweet chocolate flavor, it also has a berry flavor.

I know what I’ll be getting Hubby for Valentine’s Day.*

*So I can try it, of course.

4. What’s App

If you already know about this app, tune me out. I’m a little slow on the uptake in the world of phone apps, mostly because one of my underlying goals in life is to keep myself from becoming too attached to my phone.

When my brother and SIL moved to Rome, they put our entire family on this app so we could better communicate while they are away. If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you know how costly phone calls and text messages across the globe can be.


A street market in Rome

What’s App is an app which allows free texting, phone calls, and video calls from anywhere in the world. It has been essential in keeping us connected during this time. Through pictures and video messages it is like we are right there with them in Rome instead of thousands of miles away in New Jersey, and likewise for them.


A little piece of home in Rome; one of our childhood favorites found in a bookstore


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