Pie Lady Cafe, Moorestown

I’m sure this is of no surprise to you, but I have a running list of bakeries across Jersey to visit.* However, the unpredictable and ridiculous temperatures of Jersey these days have me in a state of refusal to step outside of my comfy, cozy little home in order to seek out new delights.**

*I also have lists of bakeries to visit in various cities across the country. Is this normal?

**I mean, it’s been literally   m  o  n  t  h  s   since I’ve done a Coffeehouse Adventure.


We first went to Pie Lady Cafe in September when the world was filled with the attractive glow of an autumn kaleidoscope made complete by a weather pattern with a light jacket personality.

As I said, this winter has hit me kind of hard. Hard in the pack up and move to Hawaii kind of hard.* And so, without the desire to press on to somewhere new, this month we revisited Pie Lady Cafe to see if she was as incredible as we first thought.

*The cold is simply miserable. That’s all.

I’m sure you’re wondering, Where is the pie? And friends, I understand your confusion. Pie Lady Cafe serves up pie (slices and whole), muffins, scones, and the occasional donut and/or cookie. It’s the tiniest hole in the wall joint located on Main Street in Moorestown, and regardless of where you find yourself in Jersey, Pennsylvania, or gosh, even the entire tri-state area, the trip is worth it.

That is, if you like scones.

And, maybe even if you don’t know that you like scones.


Here’s the best part of their scones: the buttery crumble, the light glaze of sugar, and the sturdy center. In all these things, the worth of their pies was communicated.

On our first visit, we bought a cherry almond scone, blueberry lemon scone, and a slice of pecan pie. We saved the pie for later* and devoured** the scones.

*And then wished we’d bought an entire pie, or at least several slices of all they had that day.

**I do not use the word devoured here lightly, because these scones are not to be taken in such a way. They are hearty, a word I thought could only be used for a good stew or a stick to your ribs kind of dinner.


This past weekend, we went again and placed almost an identical order,* except this time, the scones came to us slightly warm at the center. Ya-um.

*Confession, we ordered even more scones this time.

We saved our extras for the next morning, and they were different (obviously because they didn’t have that subtle warmth and softness to their center as they did the day before), but only in a differently delicious way.


Pie Lady Cafe
9 E Main St # 1
Moorestown, NJ 08057


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