Dog Products I Love So Far…

I’ve been a dog owner for a hot minute, but I am quickly learning dog products I like and don’t like.

For example, I do not like pig ears. At least, not for my dog. Instead of chewing on them, he attempts to inhale them which then leads to some snorting and gagging and touch and go moments of panic for me.

I do not like stuffing. In fact, if all the dog toy producers could just agree not to use the stuff, I bet all dog owners would be happy.

Whenever we discover a new product which works for Stitch, I have a momentary party inside. There are fireworks and ice cream cake and loud music blasting a fanfare of celebration.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving:

1. Burt’s Bees Shampoo


I like the idea of purchasing from a company known for upholding standards to create a product which is simple, natural, and responsible. Since this is how they approach their human product line, I have confidence their pet product line receives the same focus.

Not to mention how great my little pup smells after using it!

2. Kong rubber toys


Kong is to the dog world what Kitchen Aid is to the cooking world–the best. Stitch had devoured a handful of toys* before we finally got our first classic Kong. It lasted him almost three months before the small end snapped off. The durability of these toys is incredible. It is used several times a day either just to occupy his time in the crate or as a snack stuffed with kibble and peanut butter.

*With a best time of 15 minutes from start to finish in tearing one toy apart entirely.

We recently bought him the next level up: The Kong Extreme toy

We’ll see how this one holds out.

3. Red Barn Pet Products: Filled Bone

While it is thrilling to have another foodie in the house, the milliseconds it takes Stitch to inhale all foods makes me feel he doesn’t quite appreciate food as much as I do.

Until my SIL, Sam, blessed us with the Filled Bone this Christmas. Red Barn’s filled bones are a treat which I’m fairly confident can occupy any dog for hours, days, and even weeks. While other treats* last at most 20 minutes, Stitch has laid with his filled bone cradled in his paws for over an hour, stopping from working on it only because we took it away.

*Including a stuffed Kong.

4. Tuffie toys: Larry Lobster 


When it comes to soft toys, most toys manage to disintegrate within minutes when Stitch gets to them.

Aside from a ridiculously strong rope, Larry Lobster is the only soft toy Stitch has kept for longer than a day or two.

I’m not sure if it is stitched with wire or simply string from the dog gods, but despite tugging and ridiculously sharp teeth, Larry has stayed in tact for several weeks now.

Help a new dog mom out…

What are your favorite dog products?


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