Four for Friday!

Today’s Four for Friday is brought to you by three things I love: shoes, the Bible, and coffee.*

*Not necessarily in that order.


1. Shoes

I’ve become obsessed with this classic shoe style which has recently gained a modern twist. I did a little research on this slip-on shoe and found that in the 16th-19th centuries it was an indoor shoe, mostly worn in the bedroom.* Unfortunately, this makes complete sense. They are a rather impractical shoe for the current climate New Jersey seems to be stuck in.

*You know, for all those ladies of luxury who could afford prancing about their bedrooms all day instead of putting on real people shoes to leave the house.

Now, don’t think I’m talking about the basic mule which a professional woman or your grandmother might wear. No. I’m talking about sparkles and glitter and bright, bold patterns.

As soon as it doesn’t feel like a frozen tundra in New Jersey, I’ll start wearing them*.

*Yes, I’ll point it out for you. I called them impractical, yet still purchased a pair.**

**Or two.

2. Bible

I didn’t make any real New Year’s resolutions*, but I have committed myself to reading the Bible everyday. Something I already should have been doing, I know.

*You should already know what I think about them.

You’d think this would be easy, but I’ve found for far too many things until you stick to your guns and make them not only a habit, but a priority in your daily life, they simply fall by the wayside.

I’m using Life Journal Bible Bookmarks to keep track of what to read each day and, well, I’m obviously only 26 days in, so we’ll see if I can keep it up.

3. The Scent of Coffee

I’ve been reading a little too much about coffee lately, and came across this article about how the scent of coffee alone can stimulate your brain.*

*However, I’m going to be completely honest with you and confess that the cynic in me kind of doubts this is 100% accurate.

4. Chemex

You remember how much I loved my Chemex, right?

I finally replaced it–this time with a larger model. Now I can brew coffee for a crowd and not have it take ten years.


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