Happy Birthday, Stitch!

Today my belly rub lover, alien noise maker, foodaholic, cartoon character doppelganger, Stitch, turns one.


We’ve had him for exactly one month now and so much about our lives has changed including, but not limited to:

  • We eat fewer late night snacks in order to avoid his face stationed next to ours pleading for a bite.
  • We both lost weight. Who knew having a dog could be so good on the thighs*?
  • Our backyard is no longer overrun by weeds. In fact, I’ve spent more time there this past month than in our entire ten years living here.
  • We know which homes on our street have dogs and, in order to keep from a chorus of barks, avoid them at all costs.
  • We notice things pertaining to dogs. Once mere white noise to us, we now hone in on dog related things.

*Fill in problem weight area here accordingly.


Stitch was apparently an expensive little pup a year ago, which often makes me wonder why he was given up.

Sometimes I wish I could have a special highlights video of what his first eleven months were like. It must be strange to enter the world, so bright, colorful, and new, be taken away from your litter, introduced to a new home, and to then, only a few short months in, be sent away.


The day we brought Stitch home


Friends, I’m going to restate it, in case you missed it:

I’ve never been a dog person, but this little guy, his life journey and short time with us is daily transforming me into one.


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