Four for Friday

Sometimes there are things which beg to be shared, but don’t lend themselves to an entire post. Sometimes, they are things I’ve been doing recently. Other times, they are things I’d like to rant about, but know better than to devote an entire blog post to.

Welcome, Four for Friday.

1. Last weekend, I went with friends to Ellis Island. Somehow, in all my ’25’ years on this earth, I’ve never been. It wasn’t until we were in line to board the ferry, that I realized I could look up my great grandparents. I began texting my dad for as much information he could give.


Once we arrived, I realized names on the Immigrant Wall of Honor were placed there by family members to honor family members. Meaning, unless someone from my grandfather to father’s generation did it, I was out of luck in finding any real family on the wall*. This did, however, lead to a search through Liberty Ellis Foundation’s database of passenger records. It took some time, but I finally found both of my great grandparents and feel like I’ve had the rare opportunity to peek into a sliver of my past.

*Despite the six names on the wall which share my last name.


The overcast morning had a watercolor painting feel to it

2. Are Leggings Acceptable as Pants?

This video/article are both far too short to convey the feelings I’ve had for so long on this matter, but it’s a start.

Ladies, please. Leggings are not pants.

Cover your tushies.

3. My brothers went on a brothers’ day out to get their beards trimmed and hair cut. Jonathan has never had a professional haircut before, so this was a pretty big deal for him.


This picture. My heart.

Thank goodness my older brother, Justin, captured these moments.


I can’t handle the cuteness.

4. Did you know you can make your own sprinkles? I have a feeling this will be a macaron-like project. One which I will curse as I am doing, but love once I finish.


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