The Corner, Montclair

Because every other weekend this summer we’ve found ourselves in Montclair, naturally, we’ve grown hungry* during our visits.

*Because, let’s be real, when am I not hungry?

One place which always has a crowd* outside, even while it’s raining, is The Corner.

*In case you weren’t sure, a crowded restaurant is usually a good restaurant.


The Corner calls itself a cafe and juice bar, but to me, they’re being modest. Their menu includes more than simple cafe foods, which are not only creative, but they taste pretty darn good, too.


Seeing that they are a juice bar, I contemplated ordering one of their fresh pressed juice drinks. I was looking for a little bit of a zing, so instead I ordered one of their natural house made sodas.


The Lemon Press, infused with fresh lemon and mint, was the perfect refreshment for the 95 degree heat. Hubby ordered their draft latte, and it was phenomenal*. The espresso and creaminess made for a perfect blend** with an almost milkshake like quality, and I had to resist stealing his drink when he wasn’t looking.

*I do not exaggerate. Promise.

**Pun not intended, but it worked, right?


We started with one of the newest food trends: avocado toast.

I see avocado toast as the conscience ease to the typical meal starter: bread and butter. Now, instead of spreading high-calorie butter on toast, you get to spread a high-calorie, good-for-you fruit*.

*Check it out, friends. An avocado is actually a berry!

Something magical occurs when creamy avocado meets with crusty bread. Two pretty basic components combine and make this incredibly delightful treat. And that little sprinkle of red pepper flakes? It added a nice kick of heat.

After we’d gobbled down our avocado toast, we watched the couple next to us receive a pastry board, which includes three house baked pastries served with fruit preserves and butter.

I was just a little bit jealous.


The Corner B.L.T. with grilled chicken

Thank goodness our food came, or I might have impulsively ordered a pastry board, too.

I often hesitate to order a B.L.T for two reasons: 1.) I could easily make it myself at home and 2.) Sometimes the toast and/or bacon is overcooked.

Adding the grilled chicken only enhanced the beauty of this sandwich. The bacon was crisp without being overcooked, the chicken was thin and well seasoned, and the bread….oh, the bread! It made the sandwich! Bad bread can destroy all the hard work and deliciousness of the other components within a sandwich. This bread was perfectly toasted, flavorful, and the ideal vessel for a B.L.T.


The Corner Burger

Hubby often orders burgers when we go out, but I find them to be as risky as a B.L.T.

Will they cook it to your preference?
Will it be too thick/thin?
Will it be flavorful and exciting or bland and boring?
What about the roll?

Too many questions make ordering a burger too difficult for me.

Among the many, many burgers Hubby has ordered within only the past year, this one is among my favorites. It was juicy, cooked exactly as we both like, and the perfect size.


I can’t say this is the best part about The Corner, because if you’ve been paying attention, you know I loved every single thing, but it is a pretty sweet ending to an already fantastic meal.

On their menu is the 230 cookie. It costs $2.30, and is made fresh daily at 2:30 pm.*

*And also, 12.30 pm now, too.

It isn’t so much a cookie as it is a square of buttery, cakey, chocolaty goodness.

I loved every bite.

The Corner
115 Grove Street
Montclair, NJ 07042


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