Studio B, Trenton

It took the Pork Roll Festival to get me to Studio B in Trenton.

I google coffee shops in my area frequently, secretly hoping the coffee gods will make the perfect coffeehouse materialize minutes from my home. Upon broadening my radius*, I found Studio B under twenty minutes away in Trenton and added it to my list.

*I tend to start with the impossible (under five miles from home).


When we approached the first Pork Roll Festival, Studio B was sitting innocently a few doors down.

And I knew despite the fact we were there for pork roll, we would also be there for coffee.

I don’t like being right, but it just so happened…


…that I was.

We came in for coffee, but how could we pass up a cream puff*?

*I especially wanted to try it after having attempted my own this year. Theirs was fabulous.


Or this adorable oreo macaroon?

Studio B’s focus is ‘light fare with a Louisiana flare and a hint of New Jersey coolness’, and even in our small order, this point of view was felt.

I haven’t been able to crack into the macaroon craze until Studio B. Usually they are too dainty for me, perfectly shaped, but lacking flavor. From first glance, I knew Studio B’s macaroons were going to be different.

A good kind of different.

While I can appreciate the craft of the traditional macaroon, I found Studio B’s lighter, sweeter approach to be even more delicious.

I’d already made up my mind that I loved it, when the phone rang. The couple who had been in front of us in line called to say how much they loved the box of macaroons they purchased.


Since Studio B came up in a coffee search, I knew I wanted to try coffee.* They serve “Coffee and Chicory” which hints of their Louisiana flare. While I won’t bore you with historical details, if you’re interested, look into coffee and chicory to learn how this blend began. I, as a lover of all things coffee, found it rather fascinating.

*Though I was tempted by the apple cider.

Not sure what to expect, we started with it black, though I have a feeling the staff members we were chatting with knew the power behind a mug of this stuff. After one sip, I hopped up for a dash of sugar and healthy pour of cream.

While I don’t usually seek out strong coffee because I’m not about the jolt coffee gives, but rather the flavor, this coffee had both. The flavor was earthy and rich, it made me want to promptly schedule a trip to New Orleans.


Until then, it’s kind of nice to know there is a slice of New Orleans flavor* right here in Jersey.

*Did I mention they serve beignets all day? Beignets!

Studio B
439 S Broad St #106
Trenton, NJ 08611


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