Hangover Pretzel Company

While on an impromptu tour of local wineries, I discovered The Hangover Pretzel Company.

One thing you should know about me is that I am a sucker for anything new-to-me in the food world.*

*Let’s be real, worlds beyond, too.

Whenever I visit a winery, I put on invisible blinders to keep myself from getting distracted by the other local offerings many wineries have in way of baked goods, cheeses, breads, etc. Otherwise, I will spend all my time and money on them instead of tasting the wines.

While at Cream Ridge Winery, I allowed myself to get distracted by the shiny royal blue bags of pretzels because it was mid-afternoon*, but also, I had a sense telling me these were going to be worth setting my blinders aside.

*And, I needed a snack, you feel me, right?


This 11.5 ounce bag of Zesty Lemon Pepper pretzels didn’t stand a chance.

By the end of our trip, it was half gone*. The flavor combination and way they manage to coat each individual pretzel piece makes for an addictive snack which is pretty difficult to put down**.

*I can’t take credit for doing it alone.

**’Bet you can’t eat just one’ takes on a whole new meaning with these pretzels.


Hold on now.

Let’s pause and look at this work of art.

Note how the seasoning isn’t a light sprinkling, but how it is caked into the pretzels.

Yeah, these bad boys pack a punch.

A delicious punch.


After the short span of time it took to finish the bag off, I needed more in my life so I decided to get a sampling of their four flavors:

Zesty Lemon Pepper
Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Sweet Heet

I’ve tried them all now, except Caysabi, because I’m a spice wimp. Sweet Heet, which is a combination of Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Caysabi, was spicy enough for me.*

*Don’t misunderstand this to mean I didn’t like Sweet Heet. It was as flavorful and well seasoned as my first taste of Hangover Pretzels.

My favorite is still Zesty Lemon Pepper, my first love.

The good news, for those of us from Jersey, is Hangover Pretzels are made in Freehold and sold in plenty of spots in our great state.*

*And I’m guessing some which aren’t listed as well, since I don’t see Cream Ridge Winery on this list.

But, do yourself a favor, get a big bag. It isn’t going to last very long.

Hangover Pretzels


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