30 Days of Dinner

This is not a Whole 30 post.

Let’s get that question taken care of right away. My body was not made for that diet. However, in my body’s defense, I will note that I purchased the book and occasionally make the attempt to eat slightly healthier by making meals from it.

But there’s no way I can do that for 30 days straight. This body loves sugar, carbs, and everything else in the food world to which science wags its finger.

In perusing different blogs and reading snippets of photography books while wandering Barnes and Noble, I came across the idea of taking pictures of a specific something for 30 days, whether it be a daily routine, a specific time during the day, daily outfits, etc. Social media is flooded with pictures of this nature. It’s great. It’s intriguing. It’s inspiring. It’s a lot of pictures.

As you may recall, I have this inner battle going on in regards to the abundance of photos circulating in society today. We document every single little thing that happens in our lives.

It’s kind of exhausting.

When I thought of what kind of thing I could take a picture of every single day for thirty days straight and not grow tired of it, food came to mind.

I decided that for the month of March I was going to take pictures of each and every dinner I ate.

I did so well on March 1st.


March 1st, Grilled Chicken with Green Olive Butter

Then March 2nd came and I forgot.

Seeing how March has 31 days, I figured that was my grace day.

Then I forgot on March 3rd and 4th. It was then I realized actually remembering to take the picture was going to be the biggest challenge, bigger than making sure it was plated in a somewhat aesthetically pleasing way.


March 12th, Tagliatelle Bolognese with Garlic Bread

Since a new month is approaching, I figure I might as well make myself accountable and see if that helps me stick to the plan.

Hopefully on May 1st I’ll have 30 days worth of dinners to share with you.

Have you ever taken pictures of something for an extended period of time? What? Better yet, how did you help yourself remember to do it?!


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