Firebox, Hartford, CT

The more I grow to love brunch, the more I don’t understand why it is only offered on the weekend.

I suppose reserving it for Saturdays and Sundays makes it feel like a special event. But for me, it’s just a way of life I’d like to adopt. And in case you’re thinking I’m one of those people who wants to use brunch as a way to combine breakfast and lunch, you’re way wrong, buddy.

Here’s how I see things going:

Second Dinner
Evening Coffee*

*I’ve never been much of a tea drinker, so in lieu of afternoon tea which some are accustomed to, I think evening coffee fits just nice.

Brunch offers the options I want in every meal. I can have french toast or a burger, waffles or an omelet, and it’s the only excusable time to have alcohol before noon.


One would think I enjoy brunch frequently, however, as you might recall from this post, I don’t brunch often enough.* In fact, it seems I only brunch when on vacation.

* I blame the system. It’s time for brunch to be made an ordinary part of our day!

While many places I’ve brunched dressed themselves up like they were there to brunch, many times I’ve walked away disappointed. At brunch, I want options. I want flavor. I want creativity. I want something I wouldn’t make myself.

Firebox delivered.

We started with cocktails. It isn’t often I’m jealous of Hubby’s cocktail choice, but this day I was scheming on how to sneak his away from him. He ordered the vanilla screwdriver which consisted of house vanilla infused vodka and fresh orange juice. It was divine. My classic mimosa was good, but his drink was a notch above all other brunch cocktails.


I order carbs. It’s what I do. Even when the need for protein rises within me, I order carbs. To satisfy my protein need, I ordered a side of sriracha bacon (seriously, why haven’t I thought of that one?) to go with my baked French toast. The only way I’ve ever experienced French toast baked was in one of those breakfast casseroles designed to offer the taste of French toast without the work.

The French toast and berry syrup were so good, I didn’t need any of the ice cream scoop of butter on top. The toast had a texture unlike any French toast I’ve ever had. It was thick and hearty, not soaked through as many French toasts tend to be, and I loved it.


While I never can choose something on more of a lunch end of the brunch menu, it is Hubby’s go to.

He ordered Firebox’s tavern burger which is topped with red onion marmalade…yes…let that sink in, because it’s a thing of beauty…bacon, arugula, and pickles on a brioche bun.


I get a little crazy at brunch, especially if I’ve forgone any kind of preliminary breakfast.* The home fries were irresistible.** I had no choice but to order them. What sold me was the garlic aioli, but the crispy tots that accompanied were even more spectacular.

*Who am I kidding? This is the same morning we visited Hartford Baking Co. 

**Please tell me you understand food being irresistible.


Firebox wins the brunch game hands down. They offer everything I want in brunch from inexpensive delicious cocktails to carb filled masterpieces, while managing to also keep my protein loving husband happy.

Now onto the difficult task…finding my brunch place in Jersey.

539 Broad Street
Hartford, CT 06106


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